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    "i’m vegan because i’m fighting against animal cruelty so i’m having these vegetables and fruits which are 100% cruelty free" 

    yeah lol except for the fact that it’s not 100% cruelty free for the people pick them food for you


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    Free PDF Books on race, gender, sexuality, class, and culture



    Found from various places online:

    The Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire

    Angela Y. Davis - Are Prisons Obsolete?

    Angela Y. Davis - Race, Women, and Class

    The Communist Manifesto - Marx and Engels

    Sister Outsider: Essays and Speechesby Audre Lorde

    Three Guineas by Virginia Woolf

    Critical Race Theory: An Introductionby Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic

    The Black Image in the White Mind: Media and Race in America-Robert M. Entman and Andrew Rojecki

    Ain’t I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism- bell hooks

    Feminism is for Everybody - bell hooks

    outlaw culture - bell hooks

    Faces at the Bottom of the Well- Derrick Bell

    Sex, Power, and Consent- Anastasia Powell

    I am Your Sister - Audre Lorde

    Patricia Hill Collins- Black Feminist Thought

    Gender Trouble - Judith Butler

    Four books by Frantz Fanon

    Their Eyes Were Watching God - Zora Neale Hurston

    Medical Apartheid -Harriet Washington

    Fear of a Queer Planet: Queer Politics and Social Theory - edited by Michael Warner

    Colonialism/Postcolonialism - Ania Loomba

    Discipline and Punish- Michel Foucault

    The Gloria Anzaldua Reader

    Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative? by Mark Fisher

    This Bridge Called by Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color by Cherríe Moraga & Gloria Anzaldúa

    What is Cultural Studies? - John Storey 

    Cultural Theory and Popular Culture - John Storey

    The Disability Studies Reader 

    Michel Foucault - Interviews and Other Writings 

    Michel Foucault - The History of Sexuality,Vol. 1,Vol. 2,Vol. 3 

    Michel Foucault- The Archeology of Knowledge 

    This blog also has a lot more. 

    (Sorry they aren’t organized very well.)


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    COUNSELLING BLOG: How to Protect Yourself from Negative People


    1. Ground yourself, and firm up your boundaries, so you don’t get drawn into their negativity. Otherwise they’ll drain all your energy.

    2. Protect yourself. Imagine there’s a bubble separating you from them so they can’t get close and infect you with their mood.

    3. Hang out in a group so they…

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    This is what democracy looks like. #A10 (at U.S. Capitol - Senate)

    This is what democracy looks like. #A10 (at U.S. Capitol - Senate)

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    In order to tear down the system, we must know and understand it.

    In order to tear down the system, we must know and understand it.

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    Undocumented & Unafraid: No, Migration Is Not Beautiful


    Am I the only one that is annoyed with these damn butterflies? (just fyi this is not to criticize Faviana’s art. i am a big fan of her women’s rights posters)
    why is there a need to romantize immigration?

    there is nothing beautiful

    about a mother or father having to leave their family…

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    I forget how much time tumblr makes me waste but more importantly, how much it agitates me.
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Truth doesn’t carry a gun…


    Truth doesn’t carry a gun…

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